Face it, rent rolls are boring. Even the best Excel table doesn’t tell the story when it comes to the tenants in a building, especially a large one. Enter the stacking plan – a good “stack” can help prospective tenants visualize available and soon-to-be-available space in a building, and can help owners make decisions during lease negotiations. Investors considering a building purchase will invariable ask to see the stacking plan. Don’t show them a bunch of flat colored boxes when, for a few hundred dollars, you can have a high-quality 3D stacking plan that really sells the building to tenants and investors alike.

That’s all well and good for a 3-story building, but what about a skyscraper? We’ve found that the most effective stack is a combination of an easy-to-read table and a really cool 3D illustration of the building. Contact Renom for a quote on your building or listing.

Here are a few of our large-building stacking plans…

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