How would you like to have to remember just one more password… forever? That’s the LastPass promise – and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s spot-on. LastPass is the best password manager I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen and used many. I’m a total convert to LastPass (and conversion is easy since LastPass will import from other password managers). With features like plug-ins for most browsers, auto-login, encrypted export (for backups), and many more – too many to list here – my LastPass password is the only one I know by heart. I changed all my other passwords to 15-digit-impossible-to-guess-or-remember passwords, and didn’t bother to even look at them, because the auto-generate feature is so cool and easy to use and you can copy passwords to your clipboard with a single click – just copy and paste, no more remembering 3 digits at a time or writing down and rechecking, or even worse picking ridiculously easy to hack passwords just because you can remember them and type them without getting them wrong.

Get LastPass. You won’t regret it!